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ConditionHER Women's History

How MEFA continues to visually energize new audiences and evolve clients’ brands through complementary campaigns.

Written By:
Jesse Rodriguez
Visual Design:
Kera McCain & CJ Saetren
March 2021
conditionHER by Co-Founders, Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall

How MEFA continues to visually energize new audiences and evolve clients’ brands through complementary campaigns

ConditionHER is a brand that truly puts women first by providing a natural, scientifically formulated moisturizing cream intended for a woman’s most intimate area of her body. With this simple, nourishing cream, they have been able to solve some of women’s most irritating problems like magic!

The Story

ConditionHER was looking for opportunities to increase their visibility and engagement on Facebook and to carry those leads to their mailing list.

With a brand like ConditionHER that is made for women by women, MEFA found it fitting to celebrate women by running a Women’s History Month giveaway campaign coined as “Women’s Her-story Giveaway!”

The Challenge

Facebook being a high traffic platform meant that MEFA needed to create eye-catching visuals that would make users stop scrolling and engage with ConditionHER’s posts. This tactic also needed to be deployed in ads to point followers to the CTA as well as attract new followers with an interest in feminine self-care to this free giveaway.

The Solution

MEFA combined engagement through User-Generated Content that appeared on Facebook feeds as Facebook Carousel Ads. This drew attention to the campaign, cultivated awareness of the brand, and provided an opportunity for users to opt-in to the ConditionHER mailing list with a chance to win a free bottle of ConditionHER moisturizing cream.

Considering the amount of traffic that Facebook draws, boosting these ads was an essential task to increase visibility. Once users had engaged and responded to the CTA, a well-crafted email was deployed to further introduce these new leads to the brand by sharing the product’s benefits as well as the story of the bright female founders.


With the help of MEFA’s giveaway campaign and email marketing strategy, in two months, ConditionHER achieved these desired results:

  • 1200 New Leads
  • $0.26 CPL 30K
  • 4.44% CTR (Link-CTR)
  • 28.3% Email Open Rate
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