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Social Media Automation

Building an Alluring Visual Brand to Capture New Audiences for a Beauty Mogul in the Making!

Fantasy Faces is a highly esteemed lash and brow academy aimed at making everyday people feel as extraordinary as its celebrity clientele.

Written By:
Brittany Rogers & Jesse Rodriguez
Visual Design:
Naima Booth
February 2021
Fantasy Faces Lash & Brow Studio By Jamika Crowner

Fantasy Faces is a highly esteemed lash and brow academy aimed at making everyday people feel as extraordinary as its celebrity clientele. With the latest global artistry and industry tech at the forefront, Fantasy Faces is a trailblazer of beauty trends, taking local markets by storm!  

Marketing Experts for All (MEFA) bolstered a long-lasting legacy with a legion of new beauties and business owners by nourishing a healthy social media strategy and harnessing the power of paid social,  thus sky-rocketing brand engagement by 5073%. 

The Story

Lash & Brow business owner, author, and instructor Jamika Crowner had a thriving Atlanta-based brick & mortar beauty studio. Though servicing a high volume of loyal clientele, Crowner had an unwavering desire to reach new heights.  

In Spring 2020, Crowner sought MEFA’s expertise to elevate her brand, in a way that captured meaningful new audiences, but would stay true to her brand voice. 

The Challenge

With social media, being one of the most present advertising channels in the US, and with over 25M brand accounts on Instagram, it quickly became apparent that Fantasy Faces’ social media represented a fragmented brand identity and would have to tremendously step up its look and feel to attract new audiences.

The Goal

  • Be the go-to place for beauty and self-care social content: spanning generations alike, for ladies & gents who wish to book  appointments for, or day-dream about, lavish self-care services.
  • Reach influencers in the beauty space to partner and promote Fantasy Faces.
  • Attract aspiring beauticians that wanted to grow their business, with Fantasy Faces as their preferred choice for Continuing Education (CE).

The Solution

  • MEFA published a hub of scroll-stopping social content. Its strategy - a mix of alluring photo and video content that showcases multi-faced lifestyle images, tips & tutorials, which glamorize the epitome of self-care.
  • Weaving in stylized Imagery of Crowner to highlight her as Atlanta’s It-Girl, catapulted Crowner to the top of the local beauty & self-care sector for follower growth.
  • Authoring and promoting a credible eBook instantly gave value beyond skills,  showcasing Fantasy Faces as the beauty business of authority for other lash & brows techs.
  • Educational tutoring was an additional source of brand building. Using a mixture of real-life student testimonials, booking specials and cross-promoted content from other channels such as Facebook, Fantasy Faces reinforced the channel as being a safe space for inspiration and community, rather than a direct, over-salesy product page.
Fantasy Faces Beauty IG was featured on the Explore Tab
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  • MEFA's approach to social media led to Fantasy Faces’ instant discoverability on new and exciting Instagram placements (Explore Tab, IGTV, and Reels) and led to + 547% New Follower Growth in 6 months.  
  • Leveraging visually compelling content of Jamika Crowner as the face of what “Living The Fantasy” truly exemplifies -- forged stunning social media that captured new engagement elevating her to the big leagues.
  • Rather than relying on Influencer Marketing to drive demand, MEFA launched in-person start-to-finish brow training classes led by Crowner. Capitalizing on more time spent at home (in the height of the pandemic) MEFA curated content for paid social, along with market places like Groupon and Eventbrite which deepened her influence, and led to a surge in new followers.
  • MEFA helped Fantasy Faces deepen brand engagement by 5073% -- showcasing Jamika as a trendsetter to look out for.
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