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Elevating and Empowering Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Love: Kera McCain from MEFA as Fractional CMO

Kera McCain from MEFA joined forces as the Fractional CMO of Black Love, a trailblazing empowerment brand. Together, they redefined audience development and profitability through innovative ad operations.

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MEFA Brand Team
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MEFA Brand Team
January 2024
Black Love

Kera McCain from MEFA joined forces as the Fractional CMO of Black Love...

a trailblazing empowerment brand. Together, they redefined audience development and profitability through innovative ad operations.


Maximizing Revenue and Profitability through Advanced Advertising Strategies: The company sought to maximize revenue and profitability by implementing cutting-edge advertising strategies. The objective was to create a dynamic and innovative advertising environment to drive substantial financial growth.

Building a Unified Voice: To create a compelling brand image, it was vital to unify messaging across digital platforms, delivering a consistent and impactful experience for customers, fostering innovation, and establishing a strong market presence.

Enhancing Conversion Rates: With a focus on growth and digital optimization, the brand aimed to maximize website conversion rates through advanced tactics, driving customer engagement and increasing business results.

Strategic Talent Acquisition: Black Love prioritized hiring specialized marketing talent, including a Managing Editor, to elevate storytelling capabilities, foster innovation, and drive business growth.


Transforming Digital Marketing Strategy: Black Love's Success Story with Kera McCain Black Love's remarkable digital marketing success can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of the team, with Kera McCain as their invaluable guide in the role of Fractional CMO. Here's how their collective achievements led to transformative outcomes:

Audience-Centric Insights: Through thorough analysis, the team gained deep insights into the audience's behavior, preferences, and needs. These insights served as the foundation for an innovative marketing approach that resonated with and met the expectations of Black Love's target audience.

Driving Growth with Innovative Advertising Strategies: With Kera's strategic guidance, the team implemented creative and successful advertising strategies. They evaluated ad tech partners, experimented with new ad formats, and utilized effective pricing techniques. These combined efforts facilitated significant market growth for Black Love.

Jennifer Hudson and Mariel Turner, Managing Director of Black Love

Talent Acquisition: Under Kera's leadership, the team expertly recruited top-tier talent, including an exceptional Managing Editor. This strategic hire elevated the quality of Black Love's content, generating stories that deeply resonated with the audience while staying aligned with current industry trends.

Conversion Optimization: The team optimized Black Love's website to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates. This collaborative effort ensured alignment with the latest industry trends and provided a seamless user journey.

Securing Major Media Coverage and Driving Sales Growth: With Kera's expert guidance, the team not only secured major media coverage but also executed a powerful multi-channel marketing campaign across various platforms, including Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Eventbrite.

Leveraging advanced advertising features and targeted strategies on these platforms, the team effectively created widespread awareness and generated substantial ticket sales for the “2023 Black Love Summit” These combined efforts resulted in an exceptional increase in sales, positioning Black Love as a dominant force in the market and establishing their brand as highly respected within the industry.


The implementation of the evolved digital marketing strategy led to remarkable outcomes:

Expanded Brand Visibility: Black Love has witnessed a significant increase in online presence by expanding its reach to a wider audience and enhancing brand recognition. Additionally, the brand has been recognized by the esteemed 'Honoring the Best of the Internet Webby Awards.' These achievements further solidify Black Love's alignment with the industry standards of 2024.

Enhanced Conversions: The website's conversion rate witnessed a substantial 50% increase, as a higher percentage of visitors engaged with the brand and took desired actions in alignment with the industry's best practices of 2024.

Successful Talent Acquisition: With Kera's assistance, Black Love successfully secured key talent, including an exceptional Managing Editor, ensuring the production of compelling high-profile content that resonates with the audience and aligned with 2024 industry trends.

Multi-Channel Marketing Success: The multi-channel marketing campaign orchestrated by Kera achieved excellent results, generating increased awareness and driving ticket sales for Black Love's 2023 “Black Love Summit.”


With Kera McCain's expertise as their Fractional CMO, Black Love successfully transformed their digital marketing strategies, aligning with the latest industry standards of 2024. By utilizing refined brand positioning, compelling content, optimized website pathways, effective talent acquisition, and a multi-channel marketing campaign, Black Love expanded its brand visibility, improved conversions, and achieved significant results. These accomplishments positioned Black Love as a leader in the empowerment industry, establishing its relevance and competitive edge for continued growth and success in the evolving digital landscape.

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