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Steak N' Shake: Driving Unmatched Awareness and Engagement with Google Ads

The main challenge was to make more people aware and interested in Steak N’ Shake's franchise programs using Google Ads, and to highlight the attractive benefits of their franchisee program.

Written By:
MEFA Brand Team
Visual Design:
MEFA Brand Team
April 2024
Steak N' Shake

Steak N' Shake, a well-known fast-food chain, teamed up with Kera McCain / MEFA via WHITTLEY AGENCY...

to create a highly effective Google Ads campaign. The campaign aimed to significantly increase brand awareness and engagement for their franchise programs.

Campaign Objective

The main goal of the campaign was to greatly improve brand reputation and visibility in the market, with a particular focus on highlighting the appealing benefits of their franchise program. Additionally, the campaign aimed to drive more visitors to the franchise application page and maintain consumer interest through retargeting strategies.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign used various Google Ads channels such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Display, and Google Discover. One of the key strategies was to create and include compelling testimonials from successful franchisees Ivory Hilson and Brian Webb, showcasing their personal experiences and the incredible advantages of joining the Steak and Shake franchise program.


The campaign achieved an outstanding 10.4 million impressions across diverse Google Ads platforms, surpassing initial expectations and ensuring exceptional brand visibility.


The campaign generated over 236,000 engagements, which included actions like expanding ads, watching significant portions of video ads, actively clicking on video ads in different formats, and submitting lead forms from individuals interested in learning more about the franchise program.


Through a strategic utilization of various Google Ads channels and the inclusion of inspiring franchise success stories, Steak and Shake's campaign surpassed all expectations. The campaign achieved unmatched levels of awareness and engagement for their franchise programs, showcasing exceptional reach, high engagement rates, and tangible outcomes. This positions the brand for continued success and growth, elevating its brand equity within the market.

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