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How MEFA Leveraged Holiday Buzz Through Relevant Advertising

Silked and Refresh By KF Partnership Case Study

Written By:
Kera McCain & Jesse Rodriguez
Visual Design:
Naima Booth & Caleb Faulkner
February 2021
Wendy Rose Berry and Eugenia Marshall

MEFA established a successful partnership between two brands, Silked and Refresh By KF.

Silked is a female-owned, eco-sustainable silk fashion brand, while Refresh By KF is an empowering lifestyle brand. The partnership included a Silk Self-Care Trio set that was finely crafted by Silked and represented by the face and heart of Kim Fields.


After the initial success of the Silked and Refresh By KF partnership, MEFA faced a new challenge. They needed to find a fresh perspective on the Silk Self-Care Trio set to keep the partnership visually enticing for new audiences. Additionally, they wanted to give consumers a new and relevant reason to buy the product.


The goal was to create a targeted Valentine's Day promotion with a digital approach that would draw more attention to the Silk Self-Care Trio set and give consumers a romantic reason to buy these sexy silk products. The aim was to increase impressions, click-through rates, and conversions while prolonging ad relevance.


MEFA created a Valentine's Day campaign that was relevant to consumers while maintaining the consistency of each brand's image. The campaign included Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, and Search Engine Marketing to present the refreshed promotion. Additionally, MEFA ran a year-round "Love" campaign to encourage audience engagement and to prolong ad relevance.


The Silked and Refresh By KF partnership found success once again. The results were as follows:

  • Facebook Ads:  2.7M Impressions, 3.5% CTR
  • Banner Ads: 20K Impressions, 8.9% CTR
  • SEM: 76K impressions, 3.19% Conv. rate

"We are extremely delighted by the exceptional outcome of our Valentine's Day Campaign, expertly executed by MEFA. Their precise and tailored digital strategy not only ignited a sense of enchantment among our customers but also kindled their hearts with a captivating and affectionate promotion. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our partnership with MEFA, as they continue to drive our success forward." - Silked
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