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Social Media Automation And Advertising

The First Step To A Career In Health

How Marketing Experts For All’s (MEFA) Marketing Automations Drove A 274% Increase In Business Leads

Written By:
Kera McCain and Brittany Rogers
Visual Design:
Naima Booth and Caleb Faulkner
January 2021
Unique Health School

The Story

Seven years ago, Alice and Leo Kun started a home health agency with a focus on pairing the right patient advocate with the right patient. The Kuns wanted to provide physical care for patients, as well as emotional and spiritual support (which typically comes from quality Nursing Aides).

However, they quickly discovered a lack of quality Certified Nursing Aides in the tri-state region (Virgina, D.C., and Maryland). The Kuns realized there was a need for additional training programs in the area to help fill this shortage and they set about launching Unique Health School (UHS).

With a mission to provide excellent patient care and make a difference in the lives of patients and families, UHS certifies students through their Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) and Certified Medication Aide (CMA) programs.

The Challenge

When UHS engaged MEFA they had low brand visibility, a mix of fragmented traditional marketing programs, and locality concerns.

  • There were other high-profile medical programs and trade schools in the area which made getting student registrations much more competitive.
  • UHS’s physical location raised issues. The average driving commute from Maryland/DC is close to an hour. Public transportation doesn’t provide an effective route. Therefore, geography played a significant role in gathering the right leads (for those who took in-house programs).
  • To stay competitive UHS knew they would need to find an affordable lead generation process. They also needed to boost their online and social media presence, making the school discoverable for those in the market for classes.

The right lead program would have to reach demographics that had both a strong affinity for a career in the medical field and a desire to begin that career at UHS regardless of commute.

The Solution

MEFA adapted a Brand Strategy, Brand Voice, and Unique Selling Proposition to keep UHS top-of-mind with applicable messaging.

MEFA quickly identified Facebook lead generation campaigns as a viable way to attract new relevant audiences for UHS. Targeting leads in this way significantly helps with the lead intake process, automatically populating the user’s information into a form making it easy for prospects to share their interests on the go.

  • MEFA created brand images, videos, and other creative assets to showcase how prospective students would benefit from UHS training.
  • With the automation of routine Q&A lead and messaging campaigns, MEFA made it easy for students to navigate their decision making process.
  • MEFA utilized seasonality to appeal to the emotions of their target students, evoking gratitude for the sacrifice of health care workers on holidays, such as Thanksgiving and by using New Year’s resolutions as a tool to empower students to make career changes.
  • MEFA’s ads supported UHS’s mission by fueling emotional connections regarding trust and communication with patients. They showed CNAs having a rewarding career. MEFA utilized student and graduate testimonials to convey authentic, unrehearsed social proof as to why UHS is the best choice for medical training.


MEFA provided UHS with a high-quality marketing funnel that will ensure prospects fit the geographical profile for contact.

  • Highly relevant and nurtured leads increased conversions by 50%, while costing 33% less.
  • Social media, email marketing, and awareness campaigns garnered a 274% increase in enrollment leads.
  • 80% of those leads went on to enroll in introductory courses and secondary medical programs at UHS.
  • There was a 240% increase in website traffic, improving awareness and Search Engine Optimization.

“We didn’t know tools like Facebook lead generation campaigns would make it so easy to generate real prospective students with a genuine interest in UHS’s CNA Program. Marketing Experts For all has saved us a lot of work which allows us to focus resources previously spent searching for students on training medical professionals in class through graduation.”
— Alice Kun, Founder of Unique Health School.

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