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Brand Expansion

When Flawless Silk Fashion, Celebrity, and Selfcare Intertwines

Refresh By KF & Silked Brand Partnership

Written By:
Kera McCain & Brittany Rogers
Visual Design:
Naima Booth & Caleb Faulkner
January 2021
Actress, Director, Producer, Kim Fields

As featured on Must Have ‘New Normal’ Beauty And Wellness Products For 2021

The Story

Refresh by KF, a lifestyle brand dedicated to sharing authentic experiences to inspire health & wellness, interior design, travel, music, style, and more, came to MEFA in its infancy in May 2020. Centered around founder Kim Fields’ essence for life, Fields has made it her mission to spread positivity, kindness, compassion and self-worth using her new brand and influence to promote healthy self preservation.

The Challenge

According to a Google Tweet, a search for information on “self-care” reached an all-time high in 2020. Primary challenges for Refresh by KF was to determine a clever way to connect fragmented audiences.

Specifically, how to connect Fields’ celebrity, as an ambassador for self preservation, and next — identifying suitable pricing and incentives for existing self-care audiences, to make a purchase, driven by Kim being self-care’s new

The Goal

With silk an affordable luxury that aides with people’s climbing need for routine selfcare,
MEFA vetted, sourced, managed the relationship, legalese and secured Silked founders Sandra McCurdy & Phoenix Gonzalez in partnership with Kim Fields. 

This alignment brought a meaningful connection to Fields’ audiences and values for healthier living, while bolstering sales for affordable silk luxuries — a win-win for both brands.

The Solution

MEFA cultivated brand awareness of the partnership by sharing scroll-stopping blogs, visuals and strategic implementation of regular IG live conversations. 

Conversations hosted by Fields and sponsored by Refresh by KF, became a driving influence for her audience to share the benefits of silk and the brands she heavily believed in.

In that partnership, MEFA has curated an affordable selfcare trio backed by Kim Fields with a silk face mask, sleep mask and Silked’s signature pillow sleeve. 

This was followed by collaborative press with Complex Magazine and an article featured in Forbes. MEFA also connected new audiences, with thriving social advertisement on google, instagram and facebook. 


Having reached 1M social, 500,000 site pageviews and raised the new website sessions by 90.56%, Refresh by KF and Silked have grown tremendously in the last 6 months. 

MEFA looks forward to scaling Refresh by KF and Silked’s relationship with eco-friendly, silk loving, selfcare audiences everywhere- making both brands global. This will be achieved through continual attention to micro opportunities with silk lovers and those that love and trust Kim Fields to be their Luxe ambassador in the health & wellness space.

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